Application: POLADYNE PMF-2000 as an additive to 15W-40 Motor Oil.

User: Dragster Racing-Car Driver, Engine Builder and Automotive Instructor.

The following are pictures of Dragster racing-car engine that used POLADYNE PMF-2000 and was taken apart after 350 runs for inspection purposes. Dragster engines take a lot of abuse and are pushed to the limit with extreme torque-loads, and have to be rebuilt with most of engine parts replaced every 70 runs. With POLADYNE PMF-2000 as these pictures indicate, after 350 runs, the engine parts, including those that carry a lot of load, were found in excellent condition, totally clean of any build-up and with virtually no wear. The Dragster racing car driver has been an automotive instructor and engine builder for 30 years. He has been monitoring the performance of POLADYNE PMF-2000 for more than 3 years getting outstanding results of engine performance and engine life span.


Dragster racing car the engine parts belong to. Dragster engines are known to take a lot of abuse and carry very heavy torque loads. Engine is overhauled every 70 runs.


After 350 runs, all the valve parts and the block are totally clean. Usually without POLADYNE PMF-2000, they have all their surfaces covered with a thick layer of carbon deposit.


After 350 runs, Roller parts are totally clean. The rollers are polished and have no signs of wear (yellow arrows). Since rollers carry heavy loads, usually after 70 runs, you can see very heavy signs of wear on the contact surfaces.


After 350 runs, the valve parts are totally clean. The top of the valve stem (purple arrow) is polished and has no signs of wear.